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 adventure point-and-click  game, 

This is a short horror-adventure game about being stuck on a House And One night. 

One night game is a short game a thrilling genre. 2D PixleArt presentation


She watching the house his father's house every time. But tonight is not as normal as before May you use your consciousness to make decisions. Because if you miss it is life

If you will try this game, thank you a lot! This is so important to me.

I'm looking forward to get your feedback. Please, get in touch!

Ver.1.0  End of episode 1


Install instructions

Note that the .zip and the .rar format are both the same game. You will only need to download one of them. 

Please extract every single element you find in the .zip/.rar into one folder. You should now be able to play the .exe 'Onenight'.


OneNightV1.1.rar 21 MB

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